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The British Columbia Atlas of Wellness (145MB)

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Table of Contents (1.8MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Atlas (1.9MB)

Chapter 2: Defining Wellness (2.0MB)

Chapter 3: Data, Information, and Map Reading (15.2MB)

Chapter 4: The British Columbia Context (19.7MB)

Chapter 5.1: Wellness Assets and Determinants (43.9MB)

5.1 Individual maps

Chapter 5.2: The Geography of Smoking Behaviours and Policies in BC (17.4MB)

5.2 Individual maps

Chapter 5.3.1: The Geography of Nutrition and Food Security in BC (11.9MB)

Chapter 5.3.2: The Geography of Nutrition and Food Security in BC (13.2MB)

5.3 Individual maps

Chapter 5.4: The Geography of Physical Activity in BC (37MB)

5.4 Individual maps

Chapter 5.5: The Geography of Healthy Weight in BC (4.7MB)

5.5 Individual maps

Chapter 5.6: The Geography of Healthy Pregnancy in BC (11.1MB)

5.6 Individual maps

Chapter 5.7: The Geography of Wellness Outcomes in BC (16.8MB)

5.7 Individual maps

Chapter 6 Benchmarking Wellness for BC (7.1MB)

6 Individual maps

Ch.7 References (0.5MB)

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