Europe Field School (2018)


In 2018, the field school explored sustainability initiatives in the UK (Manchester, Edinburgh, New Lanark, and Newcastle-on-Tyne) before crossing by ferry to the Mainland and visiting Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Malmö. Manchester provided the perfect setting for an introduction to thinking about city planning. It was the horrors of Industrial Cities (like Manchester) that catalyzed the planning movement, and a line can be traced right up to the present concern with "sustainability". Utopian experiments such as Robert Owen's New Lanark, the grass-roots redevelopment of De Ceuvel site in Amsterdam, and the Anarchist neighbourhood of Christiania, along with more mainstream examples, peppered our field school with examples of thinking beyond the Industrial city. 

Scroll down to see a sample of the students' work. For more, check out the student's full video blog or click on destinations in the interactive map below: 

Biking in Edinburgh 

Grassroots regeneration of the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Alternative Living in Amsterdam 

Innovative Flood Prevention in Hafen City, Hamburg

Street Art Tour in Sternschanze, Hamburg