About Cascadia Sustainability Experience

About the Cascadia Sustainability Experience  

Each summer the Cascadia Sustainability Field School provides UVic students an opportunity to travel down the coast and learn about the inspiring efforts towards social justice and environmental sustainability in our region.

The Cascadia Sustainability Experience evolved out of the students' and instructors' desire to share experiences and insights from the field. On the trips we have shot hundreds of hours of video trying to capture the stories, insights and hands-on efforts of the amazing, creative people in our region making a difference.

The videos on this site are offered in a spirit of giving back to the community; to inspire - to teach - to cultivate new ways of living in this region!

The Cascadia Sustainability Experiences gratefully acknowledges the support of the Teaching and Learning Center  and the Community Mapping Collaboratory (Ken Josephson) at the University of Victoria. Shout outs to former UVic student Amy Becker who designed this website.