Europe Field School (2017)

In 2017, the field school traveled from Paris up through Bruges, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and finished in Copenhagen exploring initiatives in sustainable community development. Paris provided the perfect start to the trip, getting us thinking about Modernity, the Modern city, and the concerns with the modern city that have lead to the sustainability challenges we face. We also made connections back to Canada visiting WW2 sites during this the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Students documented our learning about urban sustainability and the cultural geography of the region. 

Scroll down to find a sample of the students' work. For more, check out their full video blog or click on the destinations in the following interactive map. 

Les Grands Voisins grassroots social enterprise hub (Paris) 

Pôle Innovant Lycéen - innovative alternative school (Paris)

Clichy-Batignoles Eco-Neighbourhood (Paris) 

Rotterdam is Never Finished (Urban Design/ Architecture Tour of the City) 

The Curious Dutch Concept "Gesselig"

Spoken Word Video-Poem on Reclaiming Space in Amsterdam 

Gentrification in Hamburg 

Discussion with Copenhagen activist Ole Kassow on the struggle over the Pixie Cafe and how Copenhageners took back their city