Some Stockholm Basics!                     

Often considered an international model for sustainable urban development, Stockholm is a key city for a sustainable study tour like ours. Apart from our itinerary stops, some of the “must-sees” include Gamla Stan (Old Town), Riddarholmskyrkan (Stockholm’s oldest building), Kungliga Djurgården (The Royal Game Park) and Vasamuseet (Museum).

Stockholm’s extensive public transport system means that there are plenty of options for getting around to these places – visit for an awesome trip planning tool.

Remember that if you’re hoping to practice your conversation artist skills, Stockholm (and Sweden in general) is probably not the best place to do so; chatting with strangers is not considered a part of Swedish culture and most Swedes appreciate their personal space.

The Local Language (English to Swedish)

Hello  =  Hallå (sounds like: Hallow)

Hey  =  Hej ( sounds like: Hay)

Goodbye  =  Hej då (sounds like: Hay door)

Coffee, or pastry  =  Fika  (Fee-kah)

Thank you  =  Tack (sounds like: Tack)

Excuse me  =  Ursäkta mig (sounds like: Ur-shek-ta mig)

I’m sorry  =  Förlåt ( sounds like: Fur-lawt)

Where is the bathroom?  =  Var är toaletten? (sounds like: Vart ay toa-letten)

Big Strong (type of beer,  9/10 swedes order at bar)  =  Stor Stark (sounds like: Stoor stahrk)


A General Guide:

 Use the clickable icons to learn more about the different venues, including transit stops, admission/meal prices, meeting times and links to more information. To view the legend, click on the icon in the top left corner.