Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes

The expectation is that after the field school (and the two courses Geog 391.01 Sustainable Communities and Geog 391.02 Urban Geographies of Northern Europe you will be able to:

  1. ASK more qualified or conditional questions piercing the who, what, where, when, why, and how of sustainable community development in Northern Europe.
  2. APPRECIATE sustainability less as a technical concept and more as a call to action as well as a contested social construction set in the context of uneven but dynamic power relations.
  3. ACKNOWLEDGE, SITUATE, and CONNECT multiple perspectives with respect to sustainability and DEMONSTRATE A KEEN SENSE of how it variably emerges, is imagined, is struggled over, and guides action across different contexts (in Victoria and communities of Northern Europe).
  4. RECOGNIZE how you are personally implicated in the reproduction of unsustainability and how you can become an agent of positive change.  
  5. DRAW UPON a rich collection of experiences, stories, friendships, and better practices as well as a supportive learning community to INSPIRE sustained, positive action to give back to others and our own community/ies. To take action with traction.