Northern Europe Sustainability Field School 2015 Guide Book

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Geog 391-01: Sustainable Communities
Geog 391-02: Urban Geographies of Northern Europe

Emergency Information

Emergency contact number:
North America ………………………………… 911
Europe ………………………………………… 112

UVIC Campus Security 24 Hour Hotline (001-250-721-7599)
- emergency contact information for sites around the world

Instructor’s contact information:
Cam Owens cell (250-415-9143)

Canadian Consular Service (CCS):
call collect: (001)-613-996-8885 or email: or call /visit local office (see below)

CCS can: 

  • Replace lost, stolen, damaged or expired passports
  • Provide support in medical emergencies by
  • providing lists of local doctors and hospitals
  • arranging, but not financing, a necessary medical evacuation
  • Seek to ensure that Canadians are treated fairly under a country’s laws
  • Assist with the repatriation of remains of deceased Canadians
  • Transfer funds in case of emergency

CCS cannot:

  • Represent Canadians in legal matters or get Canadians out of prison
  • Post bail, pay fines or legal fees
  • Investigate a crime or death
  • Seek preferential treatment for Canadians
  • Pay for hotel, medical, travel, or other expenses

Canadians should know that:

  • They are responsible for their personal safety abroad
  • They are subject to the laws of the country they visit

Canadians should be prepared with:

  • Proper documentation such as passport and required visas
  • Travel health insurance
  • Financial resources to return home

Canadian Government Offices Abroad:

Street Address: 14 Tungata, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1510 , Reykjavik, Iceland, 121
Telephone: (+354) 575-6500; Fax (354) 575-6501

Street Address: 23 Klarabergsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden
Postal Address: P.O. Box 16129 , Stockholm, Sweden, 10323, Sweden
Telephone 46 (0) 8 453-3000; Fax 46 (0) 8 453-3016

Street Address: Kristen Bernikowsgade 1, 1105 Copenhagen K., Denmark
Telephone: 45 33 48 32 00; Fax: 45 33-48-32-20

Street Address: Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: 49 (30) 20312 470; 49 (30) 20312 0; Fax 49 (30) 20 31 24 57

Street Address: Sophialaan 7, 2514 JP The Hague, The Netherlands
Telephone: 31 (70) 311-1600; Fax31 (70) 311-1620

NOTE: The telephone and fax numbers include country and city/ area codes (in parentheses). The city/ area codes provided are those you use when calling from within the country where the mission is located. In some cases, you will have to use a different city/ area code if you are calling from outside the country. If you are unable to contact the mission, you should verify the codes with your telephone operator. When calling from one country to another, you must dial the local code for international calls before the specific country and city/ area codes of the number you wish to reach.

Canada Direct service is offered by Canada’s major telecommunications companies in association with Teleglobe Canada. On its international network, Teleglobe carries calls from more than 130 countries where Canada Direct service is available. The symbol indicates that Canada Direct service is available from that country. See more information at

Mission addresses and telephone numbers and city/ area and country codes are subject to change. When changes occur, the Internet version of this list, which can be found in the Travel section of the DFAIT Web site, is updated immediately.